World Vision Australia

Melissa Smith

As I listened to Hani, Sara and Nyabol share their stories, I was struck by how easily that could have been my children had we simply been born in a different place. I felt heartbroken by the enormity of their loss, the trauma of being forced to flee the only life they had ever known. And yet, as they spoke I was also reminded of how much we have in common – family, hopes, dreams, memories – and I think it’s in our shared humanity we realise that this isn’t someone else’s problem, it’s ours.

The children whose families have been split apart, homes destroyed and life as they know it completely gone, they are our responsibility to care for too. I wanted the outline of the child to reflect the fact that she could be any of us, that the hopes and dreams that live within her aren’t so different than those within each of us too, and to provoke us to respond as though it were our own loved ones in the midst of this crisis.